Boards and Committees

The following is a listing of the City of Fellsmere’s Boards, Commissions and Committees. If you are interested in applying for membership to a board please complete an application and forward it to the City Clerk’s Office. Vacancies on boards will be noticed in a publication of general circulation within the City, on the bulletin board at City Hall, and on our website.


The P&Z consists of five (5) regular members, two (2) alternate members, plus a school board representative designated and approved by the school board, who shall serve in a non-voting capacity. The regular and alternate members shall be qualified electors and property owners within the city. The P&Z makes recommends regarding the consideration of site plans, conditional uses, holds public hearings and considers Land Development Code revisions, additions and deletions.


The Building Board of appeals Consists of five (5) regular members. The composition of the board shall be either one (1) engineer and one (1) architect, or alternatively two (2) engineers and no architects or two (2) architects and no engineers, two (2) members at large from the construction industry and one (1) qualified elector and property owner within the city. One or more alternate members from any of the classifications as set forth above may be appointed. The board hears and decides all matters pursuant to he provisions of the Standard Unsafe Building Abatement Code.


The Beautification Committee consists of a one (1) representative of the city council, who shall act as liaison only and shall not vote, and a minimum of five (5) city residents or property owners; and three alternate members. The committee makes periodic inspections of all properties owned by the city including the cemetery and makes recommendations of upgrading and improvements to beautify the city parks. Holds fund raisers to sponsor and hold the City’s annual birthday celebration.


The Citizen Advisory Taskforce consists of five (5) members who review and make recommendations on Community Development Block Grants. COF Boards_membership_qualifications.doc


The Sebastian Area Chamber of Commerce is in the process of forming a committee to establish an Economic Development Plan for the City of Fellsmere. If you are interested in serving on this committee, submit your resume to the Sebastian River Area Chamber of Commerce, 700 Main Street, Sebastian, Florida 32958. For any additional information, please feel free to contact Beth Mitchell, Executive Director, Sebastian River Area Chamber of Commerce at 772-589-5969 or email