The Fellsmere Community Redevelopment District was established in 2005 to promote economic redevelopment, Water Towerrevitalization, and emphasize the unique sense of place that is Fellsmere. 2005 was a watershed year that brought many changes to the City of Fellsmere related to economic development.

A new charter was adopted and the City transitioned from a Strong-Mayor form of government to a Council-Manager form and the City’s first City Manager was subsequently selected.

As part of the evolving system of governance the City Council expressed a desire to improve the economic opportunities for the City’s stakeholders. The City’s leaders realized that portions of the historic core areas of the City were in Librarydecline and needed attention to ensure integration with new development.

The City of Fellsmere embarked on a focused economic development plan that included the creation of a community redevelopment district. The City acted quickly and within six (6) months accepted the statutorily required Findings of Necessity (Blight Study), conducted several workshops with the community, and adopted a Redevelopment Plan that created the Fellsmere Community Redevelopment District.

The enabling legislation set forth the Community Redevelopment Agency as the City Council and identified implementation measures to arrest the decline and foster redevelopment.

Pursuant to the progressive redevelopment plan the following vision statement was developed:

“Fellsmere is a friendly, safe and historic community. While remaining true to our historic past, we are creating a future filled with opportunity and success for all. ”