Flood Information

Flooding can come with little warning and can be dangerous. In Fellsmere, the drainage ditch system maintained by the Fellsmere Water Management District can overflow and cause flooding if not maintained and kept clear. In addition, heavy rains may cause standing water in low areas that may cause localized flooding before the water is able to drain off. Your property may be high enough that it has not flooded recently; however, it can still be flooded in the future because the next flood could be worse. If you are in a flood plain, the odds are that someday your property will be affected by flood waters.

The City offers a variety of services to mitigate flood risks and assist residents and business owners with flood information and assistance. The City will also assist residents and business owners coordinating with financial institutions on mandatory flood insurance. In addition, the City maintains information on flood proofing properties and basic flood safety precautions. Finally, relevant flood data is available for review and links to other flood related sites are maintained by the City. Please select from the provided tabs for the information desired.

If you have additional questions or need guidance not contained herein, please contact the Floodplain Administrator at 772-646-6315 or by email or select among the links above.